Why Treeline Lurline?


Local groups and residents are working together for an avenue of trees along Lurline Street, Katoomba, that will give shade, shelter and seasonal colour.


The Three Sisters at Echo Point is the second biggest tourist attraction in NSW after the Sydney Opera House.


Over four million tourists come to the Blue Mountains every year. The vast majority visit the Three Sisters and most come down Lurline Street.


The Power of Trees

This is a major project where power lines will run under the ground, a substantial avenue of trees restored plus traffic calming installed.


Strategically placed tree bays, water stations and seating will be created along cross-street intersections the full length of Lurline Street.

Lurline Street today

Currently Lurline Street is in a major state of disrepair and certainly not in a state befitting the gateway to such an important site.


Recent warmer weather in the Blue Mountains has highlighted the fact there is very little shade along the walk from Katoomba township to Echo Point.

Local residents often complain about the speed of traffic and tourists are mystified as to why such a significant avenue is so run down.

Katoomba a new
'strategic centre'
in the NSW Government's Western City District Plan
  • Increased use of public resources such as open space and community facilities.

  • Providing services and social infrastructure to meet people's changing needs.

  • Fostering healthy, creative, culturally rich and socially connected communities.

  • Creating and renewing great places and local centres, and respecting the District's heritage.

  • Increasing urban tree canopy cover and delivering Green Grid connections.

  • Protecting and enhancing scenic and cultural landscapes.

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